Day 6. Thursday, 13th September, 2018

Yet an other superb day, travelling 117 km and 1299 metres of climbing. Weather totally perfect, with blue skies, super views and temperatures just right. Left the Premier Inn near Ross-on-Wye at 0845 making for Leominster as first cafe stop. Tea and pannini outside overlooking the square. Pressed on to Ludlow, another ancient middle England market town. More nosh and liquids (Jen emailed Chris to make sure I kept drinking enough, Can’t get away from it all, even here!! Thanks for thinking of me, Jen.) Ride continued in enjoyable fashion to Wenlock, of Wenlock Edge and A. E. Houseman fame and on through Shropshire. Hotel in Shifnall reached at 1645 ish. Another rambling old baronial hall, where we left our bikes in the Banqueting Hall.

Counties crossed so far, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire.

Confession and truth serum time. I fell off today. Very slow tractor on thorn spreading duty. Very twisty and not very wide lane. Pillip and Peter manage to overtake the tractor before a hurtling car approaches rapidly. Alex tries to slow down and get behind the tractor. Tractor moving too slowly, left shoulder contacts tractor, Alex pushed to right - not my usual unclipping side. Alex’s body meets road. uttering unprintables. Luckily, at zero speed, no damage to bike or body. A bit of blood arround but no hurting bits. Ride completed in total comfort. And now, at 2058 hrs, still no aches and pains. Stock of plasters slightly depleted but plenty left. Goodnight to all my readers, if any.