Day 18

“When I’m sitting in the arm chair at home, dribbling down my cardigan, it will warm the hartles of my . . . . .no! no! The cockles of my heart.”

LEJoG at 85? Completed it!

Swirling wind, sometimes head on, sometimes sideways, sometimes following made for a difficult last day, but after 17 days + 1 rest day its done!

Distance: 83.02 km Time: 4:55:56 Elevation Gain: 829 m

Day 17.JPG

Day 17

The end is in sight! Alex has made it to the North coast, with one final push to get to both the most Northern point of Scotland and to John o’Groats tomorrow.

Distance: 113.03 km Time: 6:01:46 Elevation Gain: 777 m

Day 16.JPG

Day 16

A day of many layers - vest, shirt with arm warmers, long sleeved shirt, windproof …”

A big day with cold temperatures, successfully ticking off another leg and another day closer to JoG!

Distance: 120.30 km Time: 7:05:05 Elevation Gain: 1,113 m

Day 15.JPG

Day 15

Pitlochry to Nethy Bridge with my little girl Jenny. An effortless performance keeping up today from Jenny which is a direct contrast to her son’s efforts earlier in the week and on par with her nephews Jamie’s attempt on Thursday.

Distance: 114.60 km Time: 6:24:00 Elevation Gain: 970 m

Day 14.JPG

Day 14

“Great to see Keith and on a solo bike, for a change”

A super ride from Stirling to Pitlochry avoiding the A9 accompanied by an old friend Kieth. A day of three halves with cool weather most of the climbing done up to Sherrifmuir.

Distance: 98.07 km Moving Time: 6:11:00 Elevation Gain: 1420m

Day 13.JPG

Day 13

“What a splendid day we had! 30++ kph for long stretches.”

After a re-scheduled rest day forced by Storm Ali, Alex was back on the road on Thursday with Jamie (grandson) cycling with him and Ali (son) supporting with car and trailer. An excellent day with the wind behind and the sun above!

Distance: 95.5 km Moving time: 4:59:21
Ave Speed: 19.1 km/h

Day 12.JPG

Day 12

A “rest day” spent hunkered down holding onto anything that could be blown away by storm Ali!

(image courtesy of Wiggle: Click here for a laugh!)

dAY 11.JPG

Day 11

A long and varied day…

Wet start as Alex crossed the border, drying up in the afternoon as we cycled North towards Beattock on back roads before joining the service road again from Beattock to Abington.

Distance: 114.4 km Moving time: 5:52:37
Ave Speed: 19.5 km/h

day 10.JPG

Day 10

“we all sensed this was a relaxed day to enjoy to the full”

A good day with better weather, and good company from Derek. some mechanical wear and tear, although not on the bike…

Distance: 96.3 km Moving time: 4:54:59
Ave Speed: 19.6 km/h

Day 9.JPG

Day 9

“By far the hardest day for me. It was very wet and very windy”

First day of serious rain, but another 100km in the bag.

Distance: 102.6 km Moving time: 6:37:36 Ave Speed: 15.5 km/h

Day 8.JPG

Day 8

“…enjoyable…when you don’t let them dominate you!”

Shortish ride, 75 km, but with lots of brutal climbs!

Distance: 75.1 km Moving time: 4:43:27 Ave Speed: 15.9 km/h

Day 7.JPG

Day 7

“We had to propel our cycles yet again at completely unreasonable angles to the horizontal”

A day of two halves and two mechanicals - sunny morning then drenched by rain!

Distance: 102.67 km Moving Time: 6:06:53 Ave Speed: 16.8 km

Day 6.JPG

Day 6

“Alex’s body meets road. uttering unprintables.”

An interesting day involving a tractor and some tarmac…click the quote above to read about it in the blog.

Distance: 117.14 km Moving time: 6:38:31 Ave Speed: 17.6 km/h

Day 5.JPG

Day 5

“The big objective was the Bridge”

Another great days cycling, with some great memories thrown in from former years.

Distance: 108.06 km Moving Time: 6:13:22 Ave Speed: 17.4 km/h

Day 4.JPG

Day 4

"Impossible. What next? A plague of frogs?"

Biggest day yet. Warm and dry in the morning with some light drizzle in the afternoon. Enjoyable long ride.

Distance: 117.05 km Moving time: 6:34:06 Ave Speed: 17.8 km/h

Day 3.JPG

Day 3

"That's the way it is, so just get on with it!"

Another excellent cycling day with perfect weather. Electronics malfunction meant Strava didn't record, but the Garmin tracked the route so it was easily uploaded to keep the Strava track intact!

Distance: 102.97 km Moving time: 6:32:21 Ave Speed: 15.7 km/h

Day 2.JPG

Day 2

"Superb cycling day in warm sunshine"

Day 2 was a 'short' day in the saddle - 62 km from Redruth to Lostwithiel. Warm and sunny weather increased the enjoyment of the day, and an early finish meant a chance to relax in the evening.

Distance: 61.98 km Moving Time: 4:09:40 Ave Speed: 14.9 km/h

Day 1.JPG

Day 1

"'s harder than being at work" Alex Menarry, former nuclear physicist

The official start of the LEJoG cycle - 98.5 km's recorded, from Redruth to Lands End and back, but only around 50 km towards the record (doing it twice doesn't count in this game!).

This was Alex's first day's cycling with the group that he will spend the next 17 days with. Putting the miles in is the easy bit, but doing it when gathering all the evidence required for a record attempt is proving as difficult as designing a nuclear reactor! A successful day - the weather was good to Alex again with only a short shower when they were at Lands End. A good start to the official trip.

Distance: 98.45 km Moving Time: 5:31:30 Ave Speed: 17.8 km/h

Day 0.JPG

Day 0

"Well I'm almost at the furthest South point of the UK ... it would be silly not to do Furthest South to Furthest North while I'm at it"

Alex has started a day earlier than planned in order to take in Lizard point. He started at Penzance this morning at 11 am, and was at the furthest south cafe in the UK by lunchtime.

Distance: 76.72km Moving Time: 4:24:43 Ave Speed: 17.4 km/h

This was Alex's daily progress  

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